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Helping you and your colleagues return to business, is our business. That's why we are making even more discounts available to our On Business Members.

We have extended the range of fares that provide discounts across all our cabins and network, as well as introducing two new fare types which offer the flexibility to change or cancel. As always, you can continue to choose to take upfront discounts or collect points on any trip, with all spend contributing to your progression through the tiers.

With our new fare and discount structure, we are delighted that our On Business Members can now save on both our flexible fares as well as our cheaper standard fares.

What fare classes have been introduced? F/J/H/K/M (all routes), L (short haul) Which booking classes are included? F, A, J, C, D, R, W, E, Y, B, H, K, M, L

Which fares are included? Flex, Select Pro, Select, Standard and Plus fares are all discountable. Our Basic fares will not be discounted.

Are all On Business discounted fares flexible? All On Business discounts will follow the fare rule of the ticket.

What discounts are available? Where an On Business discount is available it will be at least 5% of the fare price, and from time to time will be on offer at a significantly deeper discount.

Where are discounts available? Discounts are available across the BA network, including all our Domestic, Short Haul and Long Haul destinations.

On which airlines are discounts available? Discounts are available on all BA partner carriers, including American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia and Japan Airlines.

Where can I purchase the On Business discounts? Discounts are available on or through your travel agent.

Should I choose discounts or points? We see that cash discounts suit some of our customers more than collecting points. The value to members of points or discounts is very similar, with the points bonuses in On2 and On3 increasing the value of collecting points.

Are discounts the same for all members? All discounts are the same for all members regardless of their tier.

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